A Day with Nurul Jannah's Children

Monis visited the Panti Asuhan Nurul Jannah NW Ampenan orphanage in Lombok. Join us in 2024 as we expand globally and enhance our community initiatives.

 Panti Asuhan Nurul Jannah's Children
Together with Nurul Jannah Orphanage

We visited a local Orphanage in Lombok

We believe that an important part of being in business is caring for the place and community we call home, and we're dedicated to contributing positively. In this spirit, we are pleased to share the heartwarming story of our annual initiative to support Panti Asuhan Nurul Jannah NW Ampenan, a local orphanage in Lombok. We see children as symbols of hope, the future, and agents of change. We understand that true progress begins with them. These children, often from challenging backgrounds, deserve joy and hope just like any other child. What could be more fulfilling than offering them love, support, and reasons to smile? In early 2023, we allocated a portion of our profits for this cause. We worked closely with the orphanage to understand and meet their real needs, empowering them to make decisions for their community. We're also grateful to our customers whose support made this possible.

As a symbol of social unity, we brought Nasi Tumpeng to the ceremony. This Indonesian cone-shaped rice dish, accompanied by vegetables and meat, is a staple in Javanese communal feasts. This initiative is more than just giving back; the children's smiles and positive energy fuel our motivation to start the year right, inspiring us to continue making meaningful contributions.

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If you're interested in supporting our next initiative, please contact our team. We warmly welcome community involvement in fulfilling our mission to make a difference. Thank you!