Terms & conditions


The Customer acknowledges the responsibility to treat the rented equipment with utmost care. All damages or losses, except for inherent manufacturer defects, are the Customer's responsibility.

Raining season warning: If you see water on your monitor, please unplug it from the power source and let it dry for 24 hours before turning it on also contact our support team immediately. If you do not follow this protocol, you are responsible for any damaged caused by water entry. 

1. Term of Agreement

The parties do herein bind themselves to the terms of this Agreement in regard to all equipment rented by Customer from monis.rent (PT. CAHAYA MENTARI BALI) from the date of this Agreement until terminated, modified or replaced.

2. Maintenance of Equipment

The Customer agrees to keep and maintain all the rental equipment in good condition and assumes full responsibility for all the equipment and supplies until the rented items are returned. The Customer agrees not to remove, cover, alter or deface any tags, serial numbers or nameplates on the equipment. He must also take the rented goods out of their transport packaging and insure the goods are kept inside at a place with steady airflow and reasonable temperature.

3. Cancellation fees
You can cancel your order at any time for free before delivery. After delivery, you have to pay weekly until you wish to return the items.

4. Lost and/or Damaged Equipment: In the event of any loss or damage to the rented equipment, the Customer agrees to pay the rental rate during the period of time monis.rent is deprived of the equipment and until such time as it is repaired and/or replaced. The Customer agrees that the value of the rented equipment, in the event of damage and/or loss requiring replacement rather than repair of said equipment, is the replacement value as determined by the manufacturer’s list price at the time of said loss.

5. Inspection of Equipment: The Customer acknowledges that by executing a Rental Checkout Sheet for particular equipment, warrants on behalf of Customer that the equipment has been examined and tested by Customer and that the same is in good working order and condition. In the event equipment is shipped to Customer, Customer failure to notify monis.rent of any defects or problems with equipment within 24 hours of receipt shall be conclusively deemed as an acknowledgment that all equipment has passed customer approval and is in good working order.

6. Indemnification and Hold Harmless: The customer agrees to assume full responsibility and liability for the safekeeping and return of all rented equipment accepted by Customer, as shall be set forth in monis.rents’s Rental Checkout Sheet. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless monis.rent and any other persons to which monis.rent itself may be responsible to indemnify and hold harmless, from any and all liability, claims, damages, costs and expenses arising from Customer’s use, misuse and/or possession of the rented equipment.

7. Returned Equipment: Acceptance by monis.rent of the return of rented equipment does not waive any claims that the company may have against the Customer for patent, latent or hidden damage to the equipment. Monis.rent shall have a reasonable period of time after return of said equipment to discover said damages.

8. Inspection/Repossession of Equipment: The Customer agrees to admit any employee or agent of monis.rent to enter the premises upon which equipment is kept for the purposes of checking the condition of the company’s equipment and/or for repossessing the equipment in the event the Customer is in default of any term of this Agreement whatsoever.

9. Exclusive Possession/Non-Assignability of Lease: The Customer shall not sublease or loan the equipment or assign this Agreement to any other persons, firms or corporation and said equipment shall at all times remain under the immediate, exclusive control and direction of the Customer.

10. Cost of Shipment: When required, monis.rent shall arrange for shipment of rental equipment to Customer and any and all shipment costs incurred by monis.rent shall be a charge to Customer. The Customer will be notified if shipment costs apply before being charged. 

11. Minimum order amount and right to cancel: monis.rent staff always has the right to cancel an order, regardless if payment was received or not. Some items require a minimum order amount, otherwise the booking will be canceled later. 

12. Security Deposit Each Customer must submit a security deposit, the value of which will vary based on the order's volume. After the equipment is returned, our technical staff will inspect it, a process that may take up to 5 working days. Assuming the equipment is returned in satisfactory condition, the deposit will be fully refunded. 

13. Construction: In the event any parts of this Agreement are found to be void, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be binding with the same effect as if the void parts were not included.