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Get your audience to rent what their workspace needs and start earning a commission – value driven sustainable.


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Designated on the future of remote work – Our audience is freelancers, small to medium startup teams, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and all who share a passion for remote working.

Trusted by

Enterprises on-site supporting the Bali entrepreneur and digital nomad community together.

Elite Havens

Premier provider of luxury villa rentals with an impressive portfolio of exquisite properties in stunning destinations.

Outpost Destination

A dynamic community for collaboration, growth, and meaningful connections throughout three locations in Bali.

Nebula Coworking

A vibrant community where ambitious entrepreneurs come together to collaborate and make a significant impact.

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Become a Monis affiliate. Provide value and start earning passively.

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With an average order amount of $79.
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conversion rate
Of ≈ 10.000 active followers.
Thanks to 10% commission
Paid out quarterly to you.

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How can I track my commission?
You will be provided with a monthly commission report from us. An affiliate report letter of all completed orders throughout your inure coupon code.
How do payments work?
We pay all our affiliates monthly via PayPal. Please make sure you add your PayPal details after joining our affiliate program.
How do people I refer claim their 10% discount?
Anyone that discovers using your unique coupon code will have a 10% discount for all items and orders.
I heard you offer 40% commission as well. Tell me more.
Once you have referred 100 customers to, you will qualify for our top affiliate program reserved for friends of Monis. Become a brand ambassador.